Antoine Sheppard – Chief of Police

Chief Sheppard is a native of High Springs and veteran of the High Springs Police Department with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Chief Sheppard first joined the agency in May 2001 as a road patrol officer and was subsequently promoted to patrol sergeant and also served as a uniformed detective within the criminal investigation division. During his tenure as a Patrol Sergeant, Chief Sheppard was responsible for many administrative assignments such as the Training Unit, Reserve Officer Program, and Internal Affairs Investigation Unit.

In January 2014, City Manager Edwin Booth appointed Chief Sheppard to serve as the Acting Chief of Police for a year until a permanent position for Police Chief was hired in February 2015 and later promoted him to the rank of Executive Lieutenant in August of 2014.

In January of 2017, Chief Sheppard was elevated to Deputy Chief of Police, where he served as the second-highest-ranking officer at the agency.

In August of 2019, Chief Sheppard once again served a brief stint as Acting Chief of Police, before obtaining the permanent status of Police Chief a month later.

Chief Sheppard has earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice – Homeland Security from Vincennes University and is in the final stages of earning a master’s degree in criminal justice administration from Saint Leo University.

Chief Sheppard has attended and graduated from the following prestigious courses:

* 2019 – Saint Leo University’s Administrative Course  * 2017 – FDLE Chief Executive Seminar                            * 2016 – FPCA Future Police Chief Seminar

Chief Sheppard is a person of faith, committed to integrity, and refuses to compromise his principles in any manner.

Sergeant Dustyn Shenk

Sergeant Shenk has been with the High Springs Police Department since March of 2009. He worked as a Patrol Officer until 2012 when he was honored to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Sergeant Shenk believes fully in the honor and integrity of working as a Police Officer, and works to build relationships and trust with those the job affords him contact with. Sergeant Shenk is happily married with two children, and is proud to work in a profession to which he feels called

Sergeant Kendrick Hampton

Sergeant Hampton has been in service with the High Springs Police Department since August of 2011. In October of 2013, he was appointed to the position of Acting Sergeant. Since starting his career, he has attended specialized training in various areas of Law Enforcement including: Speed Measurement, Investigations, Interviews and Interrogations, FBI Street Survival and Active Shooter just to name a few. In January 2016, Acting Sergeant Hampton was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, by the Chief of Police. Sergeant Hampton currently serves as one of our Patrol Supervisors and the Agency’s Training Coordinator.

Sergeant Vernon Higginbotham

Sergeant Higginbotham was promoted to the rank of Sergeant June 27th, 2016. Sergeant Higginbotham currently serves as one of our Patrol Supervisors.



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