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The Fire Assessment and you

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the city fire assessment.
– What is the fire assessment?
The fire assessment is a fee billed annually with your property taxes that funds fire protection services in the city.
– Is this assessment new?
No, the fire assessment has been used to fund High Springs Fire Department since 2008.
– How much is the fire assessment?
The proposed fire assessment is $155 PER YEAR for residents. This is an increase from the current rate of $112.
– Why is my fire assessment going up?
The increased fire assessment will go to fund the hiring of additional full-time Firefighters.
-Why do we need to hire more full-time firefighters?
High Springs Fire Department is consistently seeing an increase in calls for service. Roughly 10% ever year. Last year, our crews responded to nearly 1,700 calls. The department is required to staff 4 personnel at all times. This is not always possible due to limitations of several of our part-time positions working full-time at other departments.
– Can this fire assessment be used for other projects?
NO, all monies collected from the fire assessment MUST be used for the fire department ONLY.
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