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  • Cemeteries are open from sunrise to sunset, including weekends and Holidays for all visitors.


  • Enter or leave the cemetery only through an established entrance.
  • Do not climb over or go through any fence in the cemetery.


  • Walk only on roadways; do not walk on or across lots except to gain access to your own lot.
  • Do not write or make other marks on any memorial or structure in the cemetery.
  • Do not litter or throw trash on the ground.
  • Do not pick flowers or damage any tree, shrub or other plant.
  • Do not talk loudly or make noises within hearing distance of a funeral service.
  • Do not bring food or beverages of any kind into the cemetery.
  • Do not bring dogs or other animals onto the premises; exception: a service animal may   assist its owner.


  • Motor vehicles shall not be driven at a speed greater than five miles per hour.
  • Do not drive across cemetery lots.
  • Do not park with the engine running.
  • Stop for funeral processions to pass by.


  • Peddling, soliciting, or selling of flowers, plants or any other item is prohibited.
  • Signs, notices and advertisements are prohibited unless placed by the City.
  • Firearms are strictly prohibited except when used in a military or law enforcement ceremony or escort.
  • Disrespecting or desecrating graves is prohibited.
  • Disturbing the peace is prohibited.
  • No interment shall be permitted on any lot in the cemetery where the purchase price has not been paid in full.


  • Monuments and markers must be bronze, granite or marble or other durable stone or metal material.
  • All monuments and markers must be placed on a foundation.
  • Foot markers that measure 12” x 12” or under are allowed for each 5’ x 15’ space.
  • Temporary metal markers must be replaced with a permanent monument or marker within six (6) months.
  • Cremain markers shall be no larger than 12” x 24’ mounted on a base no larger than 16” x 28” placed at ground surface level.
  • No marker shall be set unless the location has been approved by the City.
  • Due to the necessity of continuous maintenance and control of the Cemetery grounds, it is understood that unavoidable damage may occur to the borders and edges of memorials and markers.  The City shall not be held liable for such damages except for the defacing or obliteration of names, dates, or engraved emblems on the face of the markers or memorials.


  • Location approval of all structures must be first obtained from the City prior to construction.
  • Vaults or concrete liners are required for each burial in the cemetery, including cremation burials.
  • Above ground vaults are prohibited.
  • Only concrete or metal vaults or concrete liners shall be permitted to be used in the cemetery.
  • Mausoleums shall be constructed of granite, white marble or other stone of durable quality approved by the City. 
  • Catacombs shall be airtight and so arranged that interments can be separately sealed.
  • Interments in crypts shall be made in hermetically sealed caskets or boxes.  Duplicate keys for mausoleums shall be furnished to the City.


  • The burial of two bodies in one grave is prohibited.
  • No more than one (1) cremated remains shall be buried in each 24” x 30” cremains grave.
  • No more than one (1) remains and one (1) cremated remains shall be buried in each standard (5’ x 15’) burial grave, except that no more than three (3) cremains may be buried in each standard burial grave.
  • Interments shall be made only by persons licensed to do so. Cremain interments require approval by the City but do not the use of a licensed funeral home.
  • A burial permit must be presented to the City before burial can take place.  Neither the City nor any officer or employee thereof shall be liable for the interment permit or the identity of the person to be interred.
  • No elevated mounds shall be built over graves and no lot shall be filled above the grade established by the City.


  • No trees, shrubs, flowers or plants of any kind shall be planted in the cemetery without the approval of the City.


  • Fences, raised enclosures, structures of wood and hedges are prohibited. 
  • No coping or curbing may be installed.
  • Portable fences, chain and other structures may be used during interments or memorial


  • The City shall not be held liable for lost, misplaced or broken vases or for damage by the elements, thieves, vandals or by causes beyond its control.
  • Private contracting firms will be held responsible for any damage done by them to monuments, grass, trees or any objects whatsoever in the cemetery and shall at all times be subject to the control and direction of the City of High Springs.
  • No owner of a burial space shall sell or convey same to any other person or corporation other than the city.  The city reserves the right to pay no more than the original purchase price of the burial space.
  • The City of High Springs may correct any error made by it in making interment, disinterment, or removal, or in the description, transfer or conveyance of any interment property, by cancelling such conveyance and substituting and conveying in lieu thereof other interment property as selected by the City, or by refunding the amount of money paid for said purchase.
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