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November 26, 2019 CRA Meeting

HIGH SPRINGS COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY AGENDA  23718 W US HWY 27 NOVEMBER 26, 2019                                                                                  5:45 PM _____________________________________________________________________________ CALL TO ORDER:                                                 CHAIR LINDA JONES INVOCATION:                                                        PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:                               CHAIR LINDA JONES ROLL CALL:                                                           JENNY L. PARHAM, CITY CLERK APPROVAL OF AGENDA:                       APPROVAL OF MINUTES:                                  OCTOBER 10, 2019 CRA MEETING          Business Items...


November 26, 2019 City Commission Meeting

AGENDA  City Hall 23718 W US HWY 27 NOVEMBER 26, 2019                                                                                              6:30 PM                       __________________________________________________________________________________ MAYOR BYRAN WILLIAMS VICE MAYOR GLORIA JAMES COMMISSIONER SCOTT JAMISON COMMISSIONER LINDA JONES COMMISSIONER NANCY LAVIN ___________________________________________________________________________________ CALL TO ORDER:                                                 MAYOR BYRAN WILLIAMS INVOCATION:                                                        JESSICA HALL                                                                                     HSPD CHAPLAIN PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:                               MAYOR BYRAN WILLIAMS ROLL CALL:                                              ...

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