Important information regarding your residential grinder pump

Your grinder pump station is designed to accept and discharge all household wastewater from your bathrooms,
kitchen appliances and laundries. Your pump will give you years of dependable service when properly used and
maintained. Your pump station consists of an in-ground tank, a grinder pump, pressurized discharge piping and an
electrical control panel.

The City is responsible for maintenance and service on the grinder pump and system components, it’s important to
follow the guidelines on what to do and not do when flushing materials down your drains. By following the
guidelines, the City sewer system will function as engineered and keep repairs and service calls to a manageable

Failure to comply with the do’s and don’ts for your grinder pump may result in repair costs to be incurred by the

Do’s and Don’ts for your Grinder Pump

DO: If you are experiencing problems with your pump system please contact The City to troubleshoot the
problems and if needed, schedule service for your pump. Never try to service the pump or panel yourself!

DO NOT: Do not wait to report alarms. Report alarms within 20-30 minutes from the time the alarm activated.
This provides the best data in diagnosing the issue over the phone.

DO: Make sure that the environment around the pump and panel installation is free of debris, mulch, shrubs,
trees, etc… In the event of a service call, unhindered access is required to properly service the pump and panel.

DO NOT: Do not block the pump station with objects, do not landscape directly around the lid without
consultation from WRT. There are electrical cables buried beneath the ground and pressurized sewer pipe.

DO NOT: Flush or put down the drains any of the following items, as they could cause damage to the pump or
result in sewer overflows and backups:
• Glass; Metal; Aquarium stone; Seafood shells; Plastic objects (toys, utensils, etc.); Sanitary
napkins or tampons; Condoms; Diapers, Paints or paint thinner; socks, rags, cloth or baby
wipes; Kitty litter; Cooking grease, oils, or fats.
NEVER: Introduce the following substances into your sewer system, as doing so is in violation of City, State, and
Federal Regulations:
• Explosives; Strong chemicals; Lubricating oil and/or grease; Flammable material; Gasoline.
PERIODS OF DISUSE: If your home is going to be left unoccupied for longer than a week, flush the system by
filling the bathtub with clean water, then draining the water into the grinder station to activate the pump.
City of High Springs contact information
• Public Works Department 386-454-2134

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