October 22, 2015
Chief Anterio presented Officer Vernon Higginbotham with a Life Saving Award at the City of High Springs Commission meeting.

October 22, 2015
Chief Anterio presented Officer Adam Joy with an Administrative Excellence Award at the City of High Springs Commission meeting.
October 19, 2015
Mailed to Chief Anterio
Chief of Police Ed Book, Santa Fe College sent Chief Anterio a correspondence highlighting the professionalism and expertise of Officer Treese during his FATS simulator firearms training to the Santa Fe Police Department.
September 15, 2015
Posted to Facebook
Shout out to Officer Pekela yesterday evening for doing cookie citations at the soccer fields. I’m one of the coaches for the 8 and under league, but was out for the 5 and under teams with my youngest son. Seems his daughter is on my sons team and he was out there on his way in for shift. Again another example of the small town charm that’s lost in today’s society. Being in uniform the kids were either curious or terrified of the man in uniform, and he quickly pulled out that ridiculous cookie ticket book and had the kids laughing like crazy. Good small town PR win for you guys, figured I’d pass it on. Thanks again!” B.L. – High Springs, FL

September 15, 2015
Posted to Facebook 
Dear Chief Anterio: “I want to commend your department and personally thank Officers Ethan Presnell and Gary Moore for the quick response to our daughter and her friend’s serious crash Saturday night. The officers had emergency vehicles on the scene within minutes. We live 3 hours south in Satellite Beach and it was comforting to know both girls were able to be transported so quickly because of your well trained officers. Thank you.” Melany Perkins – Satellite Beach, FL


September 11, 2015
E-mailed to Chief Anterio
Chief: “I am a parent of two students that attend High Springs Community School. I just wanted to let you know how much our family appreciates Officer Downing being at the school. He is always very positive and approachable and is an excellent presence on the campus. My first grade daughter was so excited that she received one of Officer Downing’s good tickets for doing something good. Thank you for finding such a great fitting officer for High Springs Community School.” Alexandra Elliott – High Springs, FL

August 3, 2015
E-mailed to Executive Lieutenant Sheppard 
“I took a call from a gentleman named Mr. (name withheld). He wanted to thank Officers Joy, Yakubsin, and Moore in reference to their response to his home at (address withheld) last night when his wife fell and hurt her head. He said that they are the perfect examples of what Law Enforcement Officers should be and he was very grateful to them. He believes that without their help his wife may not have gotten the help she needed. The call number was 080315-0012, I see that you had a S17 in regards to this location.” Melissa – Alachua County Sherriff’s Office Communications Supervisor 


June 21, 2015
Posted to Facebook
“I had trouble with my car today, and thankful for High Springs Police for coming out to assist me and fix my car! #AwesomeCops #TheyAreAwesome #HadMyKidsAndTheyCameThrough Not all cops are bad! — feeling thankful.” High Springs Resident

May 26, 2015
Phoned into Executive Lieutenant Sheppard
Florida Probation and Parole Officer Mary Farrell requested the assistance of Acting Sergeant Kendrick Hampton in helping locate a GPS monitoring device that had been cut-off the ankle of a subject on probation and house arrest. The value of the device is estimated at $1,000.00. After an extensive search, Officer Farrell decided to discontinue looking for the device.

Acting Sergeant Hampton relentlessly continued searching and was able to locate the missing device. Officer Farrell wanted to commend Acting Sergeant Hampton in going above and beyond the call of duty and helping assist another law enforcement entity in recovering an expensive device owned by the State of Florida. Florida Probation and Parole Officer Farrell

June 11, 2015
Chief Anterio presented Acting Sergeant Kendrick Hampton with a Community Policing Award at the City of High Springs Commission meeting.

May 18, 2015
Mailed to Chief Anterio
Dear Chief Anterio: We would like you to commend Officer Ethan Presnell. On the Evening of May 13, 2015, we were out for a family walk with our daughter and two dogs as we do nearly every evening. As we walked around the corner of NW 214th Terrace/NW 154th Place, we observed a cream-colored Lincoln sedan speeding and failing to maintain its lane driving toward us. Thankfully, we were walking on the shoulder of the road and were not injured. Approximately one minute later, Officer Presnell pulled up in his cruiser and indicated he was looking for that vehicle. We later learned that the driver was charged with DUI and has a history of such offenses.

This was not our first encounter with Officer Presnell; he also responded to a call we made for a neighbor’s aggressive dogs coming out into the roadway on our walks. After he made contact with the homeowner, we have never had another issue with her dogs leaving her property. Prior to his conversation with her, we had been unsuccessful in resolving this issue despite repeated contact with the homeowner and Animal Control.

We believe that Officer Presnell is a proactive officer who takes pride in keeping our community safe. Our family has been made safer because of his efforts, and we deeply appreciate it. Thank you, Officer Presnell, for all you do. Dr. Mitchell and Angela Knutson – High Springs, FL

June 11, 2015
Chief Anterio presented Officer Ethan Presnell with a Community Policing Award at the City of High Springs Commission meeting.

May 7, 2015
E-mailed to Chief Anterio
“Chief, thanks for increasing patrols in our neighborhood ( NW 214 Terrace, 154th Place and 222 Street). The hot rodders seem to have slowed down with a couple of exceptions mainley two black pickup trucks. Thank your officers for us and keep up the good work.” S.T. – High Springs, FL

April 18, 2015
Posted to Facebook
“Thank you to Officer K. Hampton of the HSPD for going above and beyond and networking with Animal Control to remove a very sick stray dog from our neighborhood. The dog will receive the health care she needs and we are not at risk from her illness.” Angela Railey – High Springs, FL

June 11, 2015
Chief Anterio presented Acting Sergeant Kendrick Hampton with a Community Policing Award at the City of High Springs Commission meeting.

April 11, 2015
Posted to Facebook
“Wanted to say thank you to Officer Moore from myself, the 4 owners of the blocked vehicles, and even from the ladies who inadvertently blocked us in. He took the extra time to walk around and find them. Kept it all polite and professional. That personal small town touch was appreciated. Thank you.” B.L. – High Springs, FL

April 23, 2015
Chief Anterio presented Officer Gary Moore with a Community Policing Award at the City of High Springs Commission meeting.