PRESNELL NEW PICK-9 Aggie is a female Golden Retriever and is certified in the detection of illegal narcotics. K-9 Aggie was donated to the High Springs Police Department in 2009, at the age of 2-years old. K-9 Aggie can detect the odor of multiple narcotics such as Marijuana, Crack (Cocaine), Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Heroin, and MDMA (Ecstasy). K-9 Aggie participates in weekly training exercises, and re-certifies annually on the above listed narcotics through the Nation Police Canine Association.

K-9 Aggie began her tour-of-duty with the High Springs Police Department under the handling of Sergeant Charles “Chuck” Harper. K-9 Aggie and Sergeant Harper were partners for 4-years until he succumbed to a terminal illness. Prior to Sergeant Harper’s passing, he requested that K-9 Aggie be transferred to Officer Ethan Presnell for the remainder of her career. K-9 Aggie and Officer Presnell became partners in March of 2013, and are currently enforcing narcotics violations on the street of High Springs.

K-9 Aggie and Officer Presnell have conducted thousands of traffic stops and made hundreds of narcotics seizures. K-9 Aggie alerts Officer Presnell for the presence of narcotics by sitting down once she detects to odor of narcotics. K-9 Aggie is mostly utilized on vehicles stopped for traffic violations. Officer Presnell has attended a 32-hour advance training course that helps him in detecting deception from drivers and passengers. This helps Officer Presnell in determining the law abiding drivers/passengers from the drivers/passengers in possession of illegal narcotics. As such, less time is spent on the vehicles that are legitimately being operated on the highways/roadways of High Springs and more time locating the drivers/passengers possessing illegal narcotics.

When K-9 Aggie is not at work, she lives at home with Officer Presnell. K-9 Aggie spends most of her days at home lounging around and playing with Officer Presnell’s other dogs. When it is time to start getting ready for work, K-9 Aggie will eat and wait by the front door until Officer Presnell is ready to begin his shift.