Vice Mayor Byran Williams

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Byran Williams, sixteen years as pastor of the Mount Carmel United Methodist Church High Springs, FL. Graduate of Santa Fe High School class of 1976, former student of Santa Fe Community College, Emory Course of Study and a Veteran of the U.S Army. Home town High Springs, FL
Community involvement founder and president of The Douglass Historical School Society, vice president of the A.L. Mebane High School Alumni Association Inc., the President of the High Springs Community Development Association, Inc., member of the Student Advisory Council at Santa Fe High School, Alachua, FL and the Student Advisory Council at High Springs Community School. Mentor for the HAWKS Mentoring Program at the High Springs Community School and the National Pan-Hellenic Council and Community Partners Mentoring Program.
I compare myself to that of a Guardian. A Guardian is one who takes care of their duties and responsibilities. I will see to the jobs getting done by rolling up my sleeves and putting my shoulder to the grinding wheel.
As a Guardian, I respect law and order. I believe there is a time and place for all things. Yes I am a down to earth, content, loyal, discipline and a team player (as long as the game is played fairly). I am a Guardian that believe in cooperating and doing what is right and justly for the betterment of all people.