This Month’s News

City Meetings:  City Commission February 7th Visioning Workshop, February 14th & 28th regular meetings at 6:30

At the February 14th meeting, the Commission will discuss the possible rate increase for solid waste (garbage).

CRA – February 7th beginning at 6:15

TAG OFFICE – Don’t forget you can process your tag and title work at City Hall.  Sorry, not driver’s license.




The High Springs Public Works department is hoping that Spring is right around the corner, but as we patiently await Spring, we will be busy as usual.

The Streets Department continues to work on filling potholes, trimming back tree limbs that provide for safer driving conditions and gearing up for mowing season.

Work is moving along nicely on the Southside Sewer Project.  Phase 1A is moving along on schedule. The main gravity lines have been installed and we will begin working on the lateral lines. We will also begin work on the roads in that area. This will keep us busy for the next few months. We continue to ask that you avoid using this area unless necessary and if you need to travel through this area please use caution as there is lots of work going on.

The water department has been flushing hydrants and will be continuing on a regular basis, reading meters and assisting our residents with other needs as they arise.

Garbage pickup will be running on regular schedule, now that we have gone thru the holiday season. Residential pickups on Friday, with Bulk pickup being on the first and third Fridays of the month.  Please remember to call the Public Works Office @ 386-454-2134,
Monday- Wednesday, the week of bulk pickup, this allows us to get your address, the items for pickup and ensure that you get on the schedule.
  Also if you have any pickups that are missed, please call the Public Works Office on the Monday morning following your missed pickup, so that we can get this corrected as soon as possible.


Residents who reside in the Southside area, please contact the Finance Department to set up your payment plan and sign a promissory note prior to sewer installation.



The New Year started off with a lot of fireworks here at HSFD; special emphasis on “fire”. We had 10 fire calls, and 78 EMS calls for the month of January! In addition to their daily calls and tasks the men and women of the High Springs Fire Department also received specialized training to keep them in top shape and ready condition.  We are also very excited over the arrival of a new cascade air filling system that allows the firefighters to fill their empty air tanks in preparation for the next fire! Thank you to the city manager and city commissioners for their support in obtaining this exciting new piece of integral equipment!