Santa Fe College Non-Credit Courses in High Springs

Upcoming class/WINTER 2019 Term:


     Using only graphite pencils, we will explore the quality of line to describe

     organic and inorganic shapes, soft edges and hard edges. Then we will learn

     how to define the proportion of objects to one another and the placement of

     objects to form an interesting composition.


                           4 Wed., starts 1/23/19,  2:00:00PM ‑  4:00:00PM

                           Instructor: Beryl Bayer

                           HIGH SPRINGS OLD SCHOOL

                           23760 NW 187th Avenue, High Springs

                           FEE $44.00

                           NOTE: No sr. waivers. A supply list will be provided by instructor. Bring whatever

                           supplies you have to class.


     This class is being taught by a photographer with 30 yrs prof. experience in

     various photographic fields. The course will start with understanding your

     camera and how to use F‑stop, shutter speed, and lenses to get the best

     results. We will also cover some history of photography and different styles.

     Understanding composition and lighting to create dynamic photos will be

     reviewed. A field trip for shooting nature in the High Springs area and critiques

     to help improve your shots will occur.


                           4 Thu., starts 1/31/19,  6:00:00PM ‑  8:00:00PM

                           Instructor: Ray Carson

                           HIGH SPRINGS OLD SCHOOL, Community Center

                           23760 NW 187th Avenue, High Springs

                           FEE $59.00

                           NOTE: No sr. waivers. Must have a SLR camera, either digital or film. Anyone with film

                           camera is responsible for their film and processing for any assignments.


Several classes will be offered in the Old School Community Center. Register now to guarantee your spot!